Sunday, October 10, 2010

his first birthday party...

This is an invitation for Jakob's birthday party. My husband and I decided that we will have a small BBQ party for our little one's first birthday at a park nearby. As his birthday was on Friday, we chose the next day so even the grown up friends can come and celebrate together. I made this invitation with Photoshop. This master piece was produced thanks to google search. I looked for bits and pieces of information on the Photoshop tools and eventually managed to put everything together. Not bad, isn't it?

By October 4th, we realised that our small BBQ party won't be so small. We had more than thirty people together with Jakob's little friends! Oh well, the more the merrier. So I asked his grandmother, uncle Joo, auntie Linda for catering his guests. His dad and I went to Costco shopping buying drinks, napkins, disposable plates and etc in bulks. Also as we had no Plan B, the forecast was so important. We checked over and over and over and again. Although I kept telling myself that he will have a good weather if he is a lucky enough, it almost drove us crazy until we woke up on the day in the morning. We live in Melbourne. Melbourne weather is very unpredictable, I have to admit. It turned out that my little boy was more than lucky. It was one perfect fine day.

Everyone looked like they woke up from a long winter sleep and were so happy to be out and enjoy the every ray of spring sunshine.

So different from last year. It was so gloomy, wet, and cold. I looked out the window in my room at the hospital. I remember I was not impressed with the weather.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. We were tucked in nicely in the hospital last year, and what mattered to us was this year. The perfect weather for a picnic party. It made me feel like everything on earth was celebrating together. One year had passed, and it did feel like another spring of our own have come to us.

The tiny one resting in his mom's arms became not so tiny anymore...

A newborn baby getting fed by his father with a bottle, now takes food from a plate...

A little bird singing in his grand mother's arms, now trying trying to walk...

A little baby fast asleep in his grand father's arms then became a majestic little man....

How fragile he looked that his uncle could not even think of coming closer one year ago, now sings along with his uncle playing the guitar...

more stories to come about the party..... I need to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

on his first Birthday....

It made me feel a bit strange in last couple of days every time when I looked at him. 'This little boy was born just a year ago!' I couldn't believe it. I held him in my arms, feeling so emotional extraordinarily. I held him everyday from the moment he was out to this world, but it was different. I started talking to myself, "Thank you, Jakob. For growing up so beautifully. For everything." It was the wildest one year of my life, but so special.

8th October 2009. The date I will never forget. The date when this little Jakob came to us.

and 8th October 2010. Look at this picture of him taking his birthday bath!

And brushing his teeth before he went to sleep.

The lucky boy got a nice present from his parents and grandparents, and I think he enjoys it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

teletubby in our bathroom

Jakob started having a bath in our bathroom while his dad went overseas on business trip. We had his bathtub on our dining table for the first few months at the beginning. Once he started moving and being adventurous in his tiny bathtub, we moved to the floor. Then we moved to his bedroom. We had few tough months that he did not stay in his cot at all. It almost looked like he hated being his room. We thought he might be more comfortable and happier with his room if he takes his bath in his room as it was his favourite time. I wonder whether we would still be bathing him in his room if his dad never went away. Maybe not. I just remembered how he was getting out of the tub and start crawling around the room and splashing the water everywhere in his room.

Although he is still in his little tub, he has been bathing in the bathroom for weeks now. And it still is his favourite time. Whenever we say, "Bath Time, Jakob!", he gets really excited and starts speaking something we have no idea. It almost sounds like he says, "Yes, Bath Time." or something. Next time I should record a video clip when he does that. It is quite funny. He seems to enjoy the bath time much more as it is nice and bright and he can splash as much as he wants to.

One day his dad who is in charge of the "Bath Time" called me out, and my son was changed to a teletubby.

I guess his dad is also relaxed and plays around with him. It is so great to see a kid being so happy. I am so glad that I have become a parents when the digital cameras are available. I love capturing so many moments especially when he is so happy like his bath time. I would have spent fortune on buying camera films if we did not have a digital camera. I wonder how many bath time photos of Jakob we would have printed!

Monday, August 23, 2010

socks and boys

Thank you, son. I think you just found a sock I have been looking for! It seems like he spends more time playing with his socks and a piece of paper he ripped off from some book than other toys we invested for him. By the way, most of his socks are not paired ever since he started moving around. One in the draw, one in the toy box, one on the couch, one in the laundry and who knows where else others could be. A little boy never has enough socks to wear just like his big dad. We must be having a sock munching monster in our house. oh my boys...


Sunday, August 22, 2010

who needs a botox shot?

Certainly not my little man! He is having so much fun in these days being so cheeky. One of the things he does often is blowing bubbles with his lips. Wowwy, look at those lips!

Friday, August 20, 2010

his playdate

There is a baby girl that Jakob often playdates with. She is like a female version of Jakob or Jakob is a male version of her. Which way it is around, they are growing up at a similar pace and super active. She was a queen of a tummy time from very early stage, then Jakob suddenly started commando crawling. Jakob pulled himself up and so did she. She destroyed her beautiful cot and so did Jakob. Now the next stage they are about to endeavor is walking. I do not really care which one of them starts walking first because once one of them starts walking and surely the other one will catch up very soon.

I am not sure how much Jakob likes his playdate, but I love her! Whenever Jakob plays with her, he is so exhausted from playing and falls asleep for hours. How can I not love her! I suddenly thought that this is almost like an arranged marriage: Two mothers decided that they are a good match. We might be wrong as it seems like the babies at this age can be friends with any other babies. Sorry bubs, you might not like each other as much as we think you do but this playdate will continue as long as it works.

They are growing fast. It seems like only yesterday they were only handful sizes. I wonder what they will think of each other when they grow up. So soon they will grow up and at one stage he will be one of those boys who think girls are all annoying, and she will start thinking boys are disgusting and stupid.

They might like each other.

They could be hating each other. Perhaps they might not even remember each other completely. I remember my childhood friends and some I don't. We played together like there was no tomorrow. Some I wish I can meet one day and some I rather not. Sometimes it looks like my mother remembers more of my friends than I do. Some of them I badly miss and others I wish she stops talking about. Well fortunately or unfortunately, I have a strong feeling that I will become the same mother who keeps on reminding about her kid's childhood friends. I will be looking at some of the photos of Jakob and her nowadays and say,

"Do you remember her? You were such good mates."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

that laughter

I remember the first day of this year. Of course it is about my baby boy. I heard him laughing. It was such a mind-blowing experience that I instantaneously forgot how I tired I was from the lack of sleep. 'What did I just hear?' From the moment he was out in the world, he cried, cried, cried and cried. Do you know how many nappy changes, breastfeeding and sleepless nights had to be done to hear that laugh? TOO MANY.

Well, that laughter was only the beginning. So many times that his laughter and smile lifted away all the exhaustion from sleepless days and nights. When I hear him laughing, it gives me so much strength for the day. 'Yes, he is happy. Yes, he is growing beautifully.'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

His first car and...

Yes, Jakob finally got his first car. I assume he will only be getting more toys cars and a real car one day over the years to come but this time I chose one. I saw him playing with this toy car at someone's place and I thought I should get one too for him. Luckily the Target started their massive toys sale just on time for me! As his dad was away on his business trip, I had an honour of assembling his first car. Although it seems like everything is working fine, Jakob doesn't know how to go forward. He rather goes backward or jumps up and down. Maybe I should got him a rocking horse instead. Hmmm.... Whether he choose to go backward or forward, he enjoys his ride.

To tell you the truth, I am not up at this time of the day (nearly midnight) because I was eager to talk about his first car. I could not wait for another day to post this video of him showing how well he can understand me. He will shake his head if I say, "doridori", and clap his hands when I say "chack chack chack" or "pak soo". In addition to those, he can put his hands on his head when he hears "muh ree". Well, I guess he understands Korean to start with. Koreans say doridori to babies as they shake their heads. Pak soo means to clap and chack chack chack is its onomatopoeia. Muh ree simply means head.

I am quite thrilled by this. After almost nine months, I can finally communicate with my son! Not only that it is so fun to see him growing but also I think I have become one of those typical moms who think their kids are geniuses. I do not care about any criticism, so I am going to say this.

I think my son is a genius!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Swim Swim Jakob!

My baby boy finally had his swimming lesson last Saturday. I enrolled him at The St Kilda Sea Baths swim school as it is a filtered sea water pool unlike one of those chlorine water pools. The pool itself is in close proximity to our home, so why not take the advantage of enjoying the only indoor sea water pool in Australia! Surprisingly enough, all the babies in my baby's class were accompanied by their fathers. I guess that is what most of the weekend classes are like. Jakob was one of them too. His father probably anticipated this swim lesson more than anybody in fact.

Thankfully, Jakob looked like he was enjoying the class. Having seen him getting excited with his little bathtub, I kind of expected that.

He did something funny throughout the lesson. He closed his mouth very tight as if he wants to make sure his chin does not get wet and opened his mouth every now and then like a gold fish. Look!

He also had fun splashing the water and singing the incy wincy spider song.

Looking himself in the mirror was interesting too.

Most of all, I reckon he enjoyed this part very much, showing off how fast he can crawl even above the water!

Doesn't this look like they are talking about how much fun they had?

After the class, he seemed to be very pleased to see everyone outside the pool.
It was such a pleasant time to watch Jakob taking his first swimming lesson with his grandparents. He was so cute when he noticed his grandparents walk into the pool and started clapping his hands! I bet that melted their hearts!
Hopefully, the next nine lessons will be just as fun or more.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

when mother became an aussie...

I decided to become an Aussie this year after all those years living in Australia. The Australian Citizenship ceremony was only for about thirty minutes, but I could not sit with the family. As it was one of the largest ever ceremony in Australia, conferees and guests were sitting side by side at the Melbourne Cricket Ground! It was quite nervous to be separated with my little boy since he was so attached to me when we were over in Korea. I was imagining a crying baby throughout the ceremony looking for his mom. Nevertheless, my little son had no problem and enjoyed watching the whole ceremony with the rest of his family. I did not need to worry about him at all! Look at how seriously he took his mother's citizenship ceremony!

Surely one day he will look after me very well...maybe he might do that in my dream tonight.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A very busy boy in his playpen

You wonder why he stays quite slim? Maybe this video will explain everything. He has been so active like this ever since he was almost five months old. Constantly manages to find something to do, not to mention the super powerful head rocking! unbelievable!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beetroot Fun

Someone suggested that I give my baby beetroot puree when I was talking about how he was not interested in food at all. She said the bright colour of beetroot might bring his interest in food. Although I am not so sure how much effective the beetroot puree was, sure did he have fun. Maybe next Picasso is here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

his first trip to KOREA-III

WHEN we went to Korea, one of Jakob's grandparents' neighbours had kindly lent him their baby walker. As we did not take much his toys in our luggage, he only had few things to entertain himself. And while we were staying at his grandparents' place, he beautifully mastered the walker in one day and flied everywhere he wished to go. No matter how controversial the baby walker is in these days, it not only entertained Jakob but also gave his parents free hands for some period!!

Just like anything else in his life, he was not quite happy when we first left him in the walker. And once he mastered it, off he went!

Even managed to run away from his grandparents' dog, Danzi.

Good times.