Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have been thinking about creating my own blog for a long time. At times, I had different ideas, reasons and objectives for my imaginary blog. It is not like I know how I want my blog to be like this time. In fact, I really wanted to log everyday of my little baby's life since I found out I was pregnant. Although it took me this long (my baby is over four months old.), here it is the creation of a long wanted blog! One wish I want to make is that I want to be able to see myself becoming a mother through this blog. Yes I am already a mother, but it is not like I have completed a Bachelor of Motherhood (wish there was one!) or some kind of courses, and became one like singer, actor, plumber, doctor, solicitor and so on. It surely is clear by now that I will not be able to master this mother business anytime soon because it seems there is always another challenge with a child once I overcome or get used to one. Maybe it will be a never ending story. Nonetheless I really wish that this blogging will trace my life becoming a mother after I have become one.

My two favourite boys (One I've picked as a lifelong loving partner and another who I've given birth to recently) already in their beds sleeping peacefully, and my first posting almost done.... I think I am ready to call it a day....

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