Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Toys and a Gullible Mother

This is my little boy who is doing his first lecture on "The Four Triangles' Magic". Ha Ha Ha.... My friend, Yonna, gave him this triangle toy about two months ago. He started to enjoy this toy a lot recently though. I wonder whether he figured out how the triangles fold and make different shapes yet. Maybe he just enjoys the convenience of holding and putting it his mouth. The descriptions on baby's toys in the market sound very plausible. Whether it is all true or rubbish, the marketing is certainly working on me! No matter how skeptical I get with all the purpose of toys they explain, I will put one or two in my shopping basket when I check out, JUST IN CASE. Just in case my son misses out some crucial developmental learning... I wonder what Albert Einstein's mother introduced to him when he was four months old! How about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's mother? They definitely missed out on all those BPA or BPA free plastic toys nowadays. All of the sudden this thought just struck me, 'maybe no plastic toys is what made them so great!' Gees... Too many ideas.

It is not that I have a dream to raise my son to be a next Einstein or Mozart. I will be very happy as long as he grows up healthy inside and outside. I guess all I am doing is to make sure all his functionalities to be turned on and ready for a next action. The little ones seems to have some sort of programmed chip stored in them when they are born, together with another program chip to decode it. The problem of being a mother in year 2010 is that there is too much to choose from. And of course not to mention the flood of information on the internet!

well well well, I should stop typing soon since I am talking too many random things (from baby toys to BPA, and even to information technology! I hope.... no... stop typing now. right now.

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