Monday, March 29, 2010

Fast Sleeper

I miss those earlier days when my little boy just completly dozed off to another world after a feed. More awake time, more fun. But I have to admit it is so exhausting to keep up with such a energentic little one.

This is when he was about two months old.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Whole New World: Phil&Ted's Traveller

Yep, that is my son. Since we are going away to Perth with our lovely son for a week, my husband and I talked about portable cot for weeks. Whether to borrow it from the hotel we staying in or to purchase one. I did some research over some portable cot and this Phil & Ted's portable cot called "Traveller" caught my eyes. Last weekend I brought my husband with me to a baby shop in order to see the product, and he fell in love with it too straight away. Not only the fact that it is not as bulky as other portable cots but also the quality of materials and its design impressed him. So we grabbed it straight away.
Building the cot is not that quick and easy. It is just like building a tent. My husband had fun doing it as if he was at camping! As soon as it was up and ready, we put our son in there. And we laughed so much for more than ten minutes just watching his reaction! This will explain why.

My five months old son started to love discovering everything around him and this cot was certainly one of them. He was snailing around every corner, bouncing against the mesh wall, rolling over on the mattress, licking the fabrics and etc etc. He was very good at test driving for sure!

Aw... How can I not love this child! My baby never had a bed transition because we did not have a bassinet for him. (He went straight to his cot which was HUGE for 3kg baby.) I read many scary stories about parents going through hells because of the transition. My son has not been so difficult or fussy with anything except the bottle refusal so far. So this trip to Perth will be an interesting one. The first family trip ever! I am excited.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bath Time Change Over

This is my boy few days ago. Now that he has strong neck and back controls, he can sit against the bath tub and RELAX while his dad washes him. (He is not really relaxed in fact. He is kicking off the water and does not stay still one second!) It is amazing how quickly the babies start to enjoy the whole bath time. My boy had few nightmare sessions until he decided that he likes to have bath time. When my husband and I tried to bath him during the crazy first few weeks after he was born, he cried and cried until everything was finished and he was in my arms. Look.

That was him having his first ever bath at the hospital. A very nervous bath time. Crying too.

The first bath at home. A very very very nervous one. A crying baby and no medical staff only few days after I have a tiny little person in my arms did make me very scared.

Another nerve breaking bath session.
However, about 14 days later, there he is!

I am not sure what we did in those fourteen days. Did we give up on bathing? I remember I told that no one is allowed to do anything else other than bathing. It must have gotten better and less stressful gradually in fourteen days because I "allowed" somebody to take a picture again during the bath time. I am pretty sure from then on the bath time has been a relaxing and pleasant one all the time.