Monday, June 14, 2010

his first trip to KOREA

WHEN my boy was about seven months old, my husband and I decided to visit my family back in Korea. It was great time to show my little boy to everyone there. Thanks to his protesting against any prams, we had to carry him pretty much everywhere. It was lucky we had invested in an ERGObaby! So here, it is him enjoying the backride of his dad!

Seoul is mostly covered up with high-rise apartments and office buildings together with busy traffic including buses, taxis and motobikes. I thought that walking around such a city would not be so ideal, and I figured that visiting old palaces would be nice and relaxing. The palace I decided upon is called Chang Gyeong Gung. As I expected, once we walked into the palace, it was a different world. It was so green and peaceful. The landscape gardening was exactly like the scenes I saw in old paintings. You can even spot little chipmunks running around between the trees! A great place to hang out with little Jakob.

Although I am not exactly sure how much Jakob enjoyed his time at the palace, I could tell that he appreciated how green the whole place was. He did not complain once for the whole time we were there. Well his parents definitely brought him to Korea at the best time of the year!

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