Saturday, July 24, 2010

His first car and...

Yes, Jakob finally got his first car. I assume he will only be getting more toys cars and a real car one day over the years to come but this time I chose one. I saw him playing with this toy car at someone's place and I thought I should get one too for him. Luckily the Target started their massive toys sale just on time for me! As his dad was away on his business trip, I had an honour of assembling his first car. Although it seems like everything is working fine, Jakob doesn't know how to go forward. He rather goes backward or jumps up and down. Maybe I should got him a rocking horse instead. Hmmm.... Whether he choose to go backward or forward, he enjoys his ride.

To tell you the truth, I am not up at this time of the day (nearly midnight) because I was eager to talk about his first car. I could not wait for another day to post this video of him showing how well he can understand me. He will shake his head if I say, "doridori", and clap his hands when I say "chack chack chack" or "pak soo". In addition to those, he can put his hands on his head when he hears "muh ree". Well, I guess he understands Korean to start with. Koreans say doridori to babies as they shake their heads. Pak soo means to clap and chack chack chack is its onomatopoeia. Muh ree simply means head.

I am quite thrilled by this. After almost nine months, I can finally communicate with my son! Not only that it is so fun to see him growing but also I think I have become one of those typical moms who think their kids are geniuses. I do not care about any criticism, so I am going to say this.

I think my son is a genius!

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  1. What a little munchkin! Great work Jakob and his mum (..and dad?)