Monday, July 19, 2010

Swim Swim Jakob!

My baby boy finally had his swimming lesson last Saturday. I enrolled him at The St Kilda Sea Baths swim school as it is a filtered sea water pool unlike one of those chlorine water pools. The pool itself is in close proximity to our home, so why not take the advantage of enjoying the only indoor sea water pool in Australia! Surprisingly enough, all the babies in my baby's class were accompanied by their fathers. I guess that is what most of the weekend classes are like. Jakob was one of them too. His father probably anticipated this swim lesson more than anybody in fact.

Thankfully, Jakob looked like he was enjoying the class. Having seen him getting excited with his little bathtub, I kind of expected that.

He did something funny throughout the lesson. He closed his mouth very tight as if he wants to make sure his chin does not get wet and opened his mouth every now and then like a gold fish. Look!

He also had fun splashing the water and singing the incy wincy spider song.

Looking himself in the mirror was interesting too.

Most of all, I reckon he enjoyed this part very much, showing off how fast he can crawl even above the water!

Doesn't this look like they are talking about how much fun they had?

After the class, he seemed to be very pleased to see everyone outside the pool.
It was such a pleasant time to watch Jakob taking his first swimming lesson with his grandparents. He was so cute when he noticed his grandparents walk into the pool and started clapping his hands! I bet that melted their hearts!
Hopefully, the next nine lessons will be just as fun or more.

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