Friday, August 20, 2010

his playdate

There is a baby girl that Jakob often playdates with. She is like a female version of Jakob or Jakob is a male version of her. Which way it is around, they are growing up at a similar pace and super active. She was a queen of a tummy time from very early stage, then Jakob suddenly started commando crawling. Jakob pulled himself up and so did she. She destroyed her beautiful cot and so did Jakob. Now the next stage they are about to endeavor is walking. I do not really care which one of them starts walking first because once one of them starts walking and surely the other one will catch up very soon.

I am not sure how much Jakob likes his playdate, but I love her! Whenever Jakob plays with her, he is so exhausted from playing and falls asleep for hours. How can I not love her! I suddenly thought that this is almost like an arranged marriage: Two mothers decided that they are a good match. We might be wrong as it seems like the babies at this age can be friends with any other babies. Sorry bubs, you might not like each other as much as we think you do but this playdate will continue as long as it works.

They are growing fast. It seems like only yesterday they were only handful sizes. I wonder what they will think of each other when they grow up. So soon they will grow up and at one stage he will be one of those boys who think girls are all annoying, and she will start thinking boys are disgusting and stupid.

They might like each other.

They could be hating each other. Perhaps they might not even remember each other completely. I remember my childhood friends and some I don't. We played together like there was no tomorrow. Some I wish I can meet one day and some I rather not. Sometimes it looks like my mother remembers more of my friends than I do. Some of them I badly miss and others I wish she stops talking about. Well fortunately or unfortunately, I have a strong feeling that I will become the same mother who keeps on reminding about her kid's childhood friends. I will be looking at some of the photos of Jakob and her nowadays and say,

"Do you remember her? You were such good mates."

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