Saturday, August 28, 2010

teletubby in our bathroom

Jakob started having a bath in our bathroom while his dad went overseas on business trip. We had his bathtub on our dining table for the first few months at the beginning. Once he started moving and being adventurous in his tiny bathtub, we moved to the floor. Then we moved to his bedroom. We had few tough months that he did not stay in his cot at all. It almost looked like he hated being his room. We thought he might be more comfortable and happier with his room if he takes his bath in his room as it was his favourite time. I wonder whether we would still be bathing him in his room if his dad never went away. Maybe not. I just remembered how he was getting out of the tub and start crawling around the room and splashing the water everywhere in his room.

Although he is still in his little tub, he has been bathing in the bathroom for weeks now. And it still is his favourite time. Whenever we say, "Bath Time, Jakob!", he gets really excited and starts speaking something we have no idea. It almost sounds like he says, "Yes, Bath Time." or something. Next time I should record a video clip when he does that. It is quite funny. He seems to enjoy the bath time much more as it is nice and bright and he can splash as much as he wants to.

One day his dad who is in charge of the "Bath Time" called me out, and my son was changed to a teletubby.

I guess his dad is also relaxed and plays around with him. It is so great to see a kid being so happy. I am so glad that I have become a parents when the digital cameras are available. I love capturing so many moments especially when he is so happy like his bath time. I would have spent fortune on buying camera films if we did not have a digital camera. I wonder how many bath time photos of Jakob we would have printed!

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