Saturday, October 9, 2010

on his first Birthday....

It made me feel a bit strange in last couple of days every time when I looked at him. 'This little boy was born just a year ago!' I couldn't believe it. I held him in my arms, feeling so emotional extraordinarily. I held him everyday from the moment he was out to this world, but it was different. I started talking to myself, "Thank you, Jakob. For growing up so beautifully. For everything." It was the wildest one year of my life, but so special.

8th October 2009. The date I will never forget. The date when this little Jakob came to us.

and 8th October 2010. Look at this picture of him taking his birthday bath!

And brushing his teeth before he went to sleep.

The lucky boy got a nice present from his parents and grandparents, and I think he enjoys it!

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