Saturday, November 19, 2011

Art Night

On friday, we went to an "art exhibition" where Jakob's canvas art was displayed. It was an interesting experience to attend an event where my child had participated for the first time. I can still remember how my parents came to my art exhibition night at my kindergarten. I would have looked for my pictures from that night if my parents were living nearby. It is amazing how quickly time has passed and it was my turn to attend such an event just few days ago.

with his proud dad... who kept on complaining about the colour scheme...

close up of his painting...

found another one he must have done during his group activity...

posing with his friend, Paul...

showing off his picture to the chooks at the back of the centre...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

his imagination blossom

He loves drawing nowadays. His grip has improved a lot, and I am guessing it's helping him to draw more fine datils(?) rather than big strokes or circles. Also started using different colours.

He was quite busy this afternoon with his little toy police car. I noticed that he kept on putting the car through his pants. When I asked him what he was doing, he said "Tunnel!" Wow, I was impressed with his imagination. I told him I could make him a tunnel, and he got very excited. After scanning around the house to find some material for Jakob's tunnel, I realised the Lego blocks would be perfect.

I made him a simple structure that would look like a tunnel. Then Jakob added more blocks and built it up higher and bigger. As soon as he heard the front door opening later on, he yelled out, "Dad! A tunnel!"

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am so tired. My eyes are almost shut. I should really really go to bed, but I should really really really need to update this blog tonight. Lately so much had happened that I have so much to share on this blog, but each night I had opened my laptop and fallen asleep. I think I am still rewiring myself from the holiday we had. Anyway, the most important event was that Jakob turned two a week ago! We just got back from a special holiday, and I thought it had been special each day (so special that his 7 o'clock bedtime was out the window!)while we were traveling, a quiet and relaxing day will make his birthday even more enjoyable. Well, my husband and I tried, but we couldn't help it. I think the day was full of fun. Jakob began his day with riding his long missed bike, and we went to Floriade. When we came back, his special cake prepared by his uncle was waiting. I baked 48 mini cupcakes for him to share with his friends at his childcare centre too. I haven't got the photos from the childcare due to privacy law apparently. (can't believe I can't have the pictures of my son's birthday party!)

Okay, now Jakob is well over two now (by a week), and let's see how another year of adventure goes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A little traveller in Baar

Just as it all looked like the long winter started to fade out, on the last day of August 2011, we've escaped our home land to somewhere in northern hemisphere called "Baar". We are in Switzerland, and the city called Baar is about 30 minutes away from Zurich.

The trip looked like it was never going to happen due to few issues, but it did happen and we are here. It was a very long journey just to get here. One night in Sydney, 10 hours in a plane, one night in Seoul, 10 hours in another plane, few hours in Vienna, and trains from Zurich to Baar!

Our little man followed the journey amazingly well. He must have been so thrilled or something by continuously catching air planes, trains and buses. Maybe this whole trip is like a dream for him. In fact, it feels like I am dreaming. It's been more than a week now since we arrived here, and I am not so sure whether I was awake the whole time or not. Of course there is a fact that I had so many nights with interrupted sleeps, but the places we've been to are so pretty and too good to be true. Luckily I get few wake up calls during the day by Jakob's tantrums. He is so energetic, and enjoying his trip so much. However the problem is the little one does not know when to stop and give himself a rest. Unless he is in the car or in his aunt's apartment, he will be running and running. Not surprisingly, he gets so exhausted and cranky in the end. Although every time when it happens, it feels like it lasted ages, those moments are so brief compared to the amount of time he gives us a pleasure just to watch him enjoying and travelling fantastically.

More details to come.....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

spring is here?

I overheard someone else's conversation yesterday. "Oh the first weekend of this spring!"
Whether he was accurate about the information or not, it seems to me that this year's spring is just around the corner or already here. Cherry blossoms everywhere definitely is awaking every living things from the the cruel winter we had. Our little boy is back in full action at our backyard. I prepared a veggie path for weeks and weeks. Mulching, mixing with composts, garden lime, coffee scraps and mulching. Now that our spring is here, I thought it was today we get this patch some real work to do. Actually I sowed some all year around seeds already in the other half. I guess that is why I am a bit motivated to give another half a go again as the seedlings are out and doing well in the other one! With this time, I got my little man to participate with sowing the seeds. He definitely enjoyed sprinkling the seeds and "a little" assistance was needed to sow them in where it needs to be. Hopefully by the time we come back from our trip, Jakob, the veggie grower, can find some seedlings. And most importantly, enjoy the veggies he planted as well!

Sunday, August 21, 2011