Tuesday, February 15, 2011

grown up yet too small

He used to watch a program in Korea where there was a little boy dances along boom boom chiki chiki. It is funny how he remembers how the little boy danced in the program even after few months later.It is funny how when I see him around the house, he looks so grown up, and it is hard to believe how much he has grown in over a year even though I was there with him almost each moment.

We went to check out the Jerrabomberra Playgroup this morning. Even though it was the first time we went there he was quite happy to run around and entertain himself with toys there by himself. Hopefully he will gradually make some friends and learn to interact with out kids. I noticed that he always went after the toys that "big" boys were playing with.I was worried for a second that he might get pushed off by the older boys! When he is standing among the older kids he surely is a baby still.

Monday, February 14, 2011

lovely afternoon, i think...

After a long battle to put him into bed for his daytime nap around 1 o'clock, he eventually fell asleep and slept for more than 3 hours. I wonder why he fights so hard always. I thought everyone wants an afternoon siesta!

He woke up just before his dinner time, and he had his meal and the favourite cheese! That cheese can make him stop crying instantly!

Then off he went to the backyard and played with the hills hoist. The little man hasn't figured out yet how to move it around but I think the time will come soon.

The sun was moving away gracefully for tomorrow and left some nice photos for me to remember this ordinary but lovely afternoon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Bus Depot Market

For no particular reason, I just thought it would be fun to check out the market in Kingston this afternoon. Although a few rocks, pieces of wood and garden hoses in our backyard seem to be able to entertain Jakob enough, it is always good to get out and see what is happening outside. The market was not too busy, I guess we were there when the market was nearly closing up. It was great for the little man to run around anyway. He is so fast but little - it is so easy to loose him in the blink of an eye! When there are two of us, it is a bit easier to monitor him through.

I wanted to try some freshly squeezed orange juice there. Since Jakob looked quite curious about the machine squeezing the juice out, I offered him some to try a bit but he loved it so much that he finished nearly half of it! Lucky I ordered a large otherwise nothing would have been left for me!

The weather has been good lately after all that heat and rain. It also seems to cool down at night really quickly as well. I think we are making the most out of summer at this rate. I wonder what we will be doing in a cold winter.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Driving to Goulburn

After breakfast, we quickly left our house to head up to Goulburn. It is about 100 kilometres away from Canberra which is relatively an easy drive for Jakob as he had already taken trips to Melbourne and Sydney. It is also a perfect half way to meet Jakob's grandmother traveling from Wilton. Lucky Jakob will have brand new curtains in his room made by his grandmother, and we gave her some more materials she needed to finish the curtains today. After having a brunch at a lovely place called Roses Cafe, we walked around the park and Jakob had heaps of fun running around. There was a little market on Montague Street and we found some alpacas in one of the stalls there. Saturday/Sunday Markets are always nice whether small or big. He had such a great time that he started snoring as soon as we left Goulburn and slept all the way to Canberra.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Julia and Andrew's wedding

We attended Julia and Andrew's wedding on December 30 last year. Just as much as I was happy to see my friend Julia getting married so beautifully, it was great to see how much my 14 month old son was enjoying his first ever attended wedding. He was dancing along the band, running around happily, eating canapes and so on. Some of those moments were captured nicely by the professional photographers at the wedding!

I love his outfit at the wedding too. His clothes and shoes are all gifts from my sister and a friend. I wonder what he would have been wearing then otherwise. He has definitely grown out of those now, but luckily we have these wonderful snaps to remember for many years.

Gymbaroo in Canberra

It must have been around the this time of the year in last year that Jakob tried Gymbaroo in Melbourne. On Wednesday, he joined Gymbaroo in Canberra after almost one year break from it. His first session was not too bad but considering that he astonished every mum in the class by crawling at five months, I expected a little bit more. hahaha

Gymbaroo Canberra
Shop 72, Brand Depot, Spitfire Ave., Canberra Airport ACT
Kristie Ryan 0422 312 457 kristie@gymbaroocanberra.com

Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy new year! 2011!

It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog. A lot had happened. Jakob and I went back to Korea to attend one of my best friends' wedding in November. After spending some time around four weeks in Korea with my parents, we came back to Port Melbourne and started packing as soon as we gladly reunited with Tim, my husband as well as Jakob's father. We were due to start our new life in Canberra! We had spent the precious christmas break by packing up numerous boxes and left our nest in Port Melbourne on Jan 2, 2011. We drove all the way to Canberra and our little Jakob slept all the way through! Ever since then, it has been all about unpacking till now.

That was a very quick sum up for what had happened in the last three months! Anyway, I thought I should resume my blog and realised that today would be perfect (although it is about to end soon.) since it is the first day of a brand new year of Rabbit!

I did not do anything traditional today since it was so hot. It was so hot to dress up in Hanbok. It was too hot to eat DDukgook (hot rice cake soup). I remember when I was little my parents told me that I would not be one year older unless I ate the soup. Oh well, according to them we are still one year younger! haha

It is almost midnight now, so I'd better so Happy New Year now and go to bed. The photo of Jakob wearing Hanbok, korean traditional clothes, was taken at a studio in Seoul while we were there.

all the best for the new year!