Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Bus Depot Market

For no particular reason, I just thought it would be fun to check out the market in Kingston this afternoon. Although a few rocks, pieces of wood and garden hoses in our backyard seem to be able to entertain Jakob enough, it is always good to get out and see what is happening outside. The market was not too busy, I guess we were there when the market was nearly closing up. It was great for the little man to run around anyway. He is so fast but little - it is so easy to loose him in the blink of an eye! When there are two of us, it is a bit easier to monitor him through.

I wanted to try some freshly squeezed orange juice there. Since Jakob looked quite curious about the machine squeezing the juice out, I offered him some to try a bit but he loved it so much that he finished nearly half of it! Lucky I ordered a large otherwise nothing would have been left for me!

The weather has been good lately after all that heat and rain. It also seems to cool down at night really quickly as well. I think we are making the most out of summer at this rate. I wonder what we will be doing in a cold winter.....

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