Tuesday, May 3, 2011

when my mother made me laugh

It is so strange how there are so many stories about a child's first words. What joy they had when their babies said mummy or daddy. People talk about it, write about it, make movies and advertisements about it. I know it is amazing when you hear the first word of a language you would like to communicate with from your child after all the cries and babbling. I think, however, we are missing something though. How about big laughter. When your little one laughs out aloud. Before I start typing in further thoughts popping in my head right now on this subject (as I am almost falling asleep so whatever I write wouldn't make much sense), I should just add a video of Jakob when he was about 4 months old. I believe this was the first time he laughed that loud in consecutive times and I was successfully funny enough to him. And I believe his dad, my husband was very jealous that I was the one who was able to make him laugh first. And what makes this video more precious now is that now almost 19 months old Jakob watches this and laughs at it. And I should really go to sleep now.....

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