Thursday, May 26, 2011

the wiggles

Just like most Aussie kids, my little one is a big fan of the Wiggles. I have to admit that I am the one who introduced them to him at a such an early age. I am going to blame it on the library's storytime we used to go to. I'd heard about them. Four grown up men with a successful job entertaining children. That was it. When Jakob was only few months old, I took him to the storytime at the library which was within walking distance. While it was targeted at the children under 4 years old, I found it was still fun for little babies as it was mostly singing along. In fact, I found it quite educational for me as well. I was learning lots of nursery rhymes in English there! One observation I made there was that kids were loving a few particular songs that I never had heard before. It looked fun. It sounded fun too. It was catchy. Later I found out that those songs were the Wiggles'. Then I found them on Youtube. That was the beginning of this 19 months old boy's love for the Wiggles.

We watched it over and over again. Now we know most of their songs. Now we know their names. Now we know most of their dance moves. My husband and I are starting to think maybe Jakob is watching the Wiggles too often. We got some of their CDs the other day. I thought if we just play the music, Jakob can just enjoy listening to it rather watching the computer screen. Yes, he loves listening to the Wiggles. But the damage(?) is done already. Either the little man watched it too much or he is simply very talented with choreography, he knows it all without the video. He knows all the dances!

This is him today enjoying immensely dancing along the Hot Potato!

If you want to check if he is doing everything right, click here, which I think, it is quite unnecessary.

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