Sunday, June 26, 2011

visit to cockington green gardens

It was zero degrees outside this morning when we decided that we should check out Cockington Green Gardens for our little man. This winter feels so much colder than the previous ones, and we've kept Jakob inside the house too many weekends for that reason. Some people hang out at the shopping centre where they can still get out and do their errands whilst keeping them warm. I've tried it too, but I hate it. Chasing after a 20 month old boy, trying to keep him quiet but stimulated enough, constantly telling him not to touch things at the shops and so on. I also envisage myself and my family in the hall full of germs and viruses. I hate it, more than I can't bear the coldness. So we all rugged up and headed out to this place. I've seen people visit there from overseas and interstate, so we might as well when we are living nearby!

Jakob loved it. At least I think. I just asked my husband, and he thinks the same too. Jakob was busy looking at the miniature trains, cars, houses, buildings and people. He walked around following the paths like all the grown ups. When he went on the Miniature Steam Train Ride TWICE (first with mom and second with dad), he refused to sit on our laps. He wanted to sit on the seat like other grown ups too (which made me little nervous as there was no safety gate or anything like that in case he decides to get off in the middle of the ride).

On the way out to the car park, he went CHOO CHOO and Beep Beep all the way. He was a happy little man, and his parents were too.

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