Sunday, July 24, 2011

a long wanted Tonka truck

Target runs their biggest toy sale each year in July. I only found out this after Jakob was born. Last year I got him a walker/ride on car from the sale when Tim was overseas. This year we all went together and Jakob chose one of the Tonka trucks. Yes, it was one of those trips that you go to save money by spending money.

Like any other boy, he is in love with all types of vehicles these days. The trucks, tractors, diggers, buses, cars, bikes and so on. He loves them all. He would get so excited to see any of them on the road when he is in the car. Shouting at them, "Cars!", "Bus!" "Digger!" Even at the sale, he was wondering around piles of toys he had not seen before and looked as if he did not know which one to touch first. As soon as he found this truck though, the chaos was over. He pushed it right to the cashier without getting distracted at all!

So we have a big yellow truck at our place now. Jakob is even busier now pushing it around the house with the safety hat it came with. Maybe I will ask for his help with our backyard work once the weather gets a bit warmer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lunch time today

It was a cold and wet tuesday today. This weather is really making me homesick this year. It is much colder in winter where I grew up, but I remember running home as fast as I can because I knew it would be nice and warm there. Thinking that it will be sticky and hot over there now, I just have to imagine I am there so I forget about this brutally cold weather here.

Our little man is doing well, surviving through his second winter. Regardless of the events of a sudden onset of an allergic reaction, another ear infection, throat infection, and an ongoing runny nose, he has been growing everyday this winter. When we finally get through this winter, he will be a different baby. Just as much as I am homesick, I can't wait for spring to come.