Monday, September 12, 2011

A little traveller in Baar

Just as it all looked like the long winter started to fade out, on the last day of August 2011, we've escaped our home land to somewhere in northern hemisphere called "Baar". We are in Switzerland, and the city called Baar is about 30 minutes away from Zurich.

The trip looked like it was never going to happen due to few issues, but it did happen and we are here. It was a very long journey just to get here. One night in Sydney, 10 hours in a plane, one night in Seoul, 10 hours in another plane, few hours in Vienna, and trains from Zurich to Baar!

Our little man followed the journey amazingly well. He must have been so thrilled or something by continuously catching air planes, trains and buses. Maybe this whole trip is like a dream for him. In fact, it feels like I am dreaming. It's been more than a week now since we arrived here, and I am not so sure whether I was awake the whole time or not. Of course there is a fact that I had so many nights with interrupted sleeps, but the places we've been to are so pretty and too good to be true. Luckily I get few wake up calls during the day by Jakob's tantrums. He is so energetic, and enjoying his trip so much. However the problem is the little one does not know when to stop and give himself a rest. Unless he is in the car or in his aunt's apartment, he will be running and running. Not surprisingly, he gets so exhausted and cranky in the end. Although every time when it happens, it feels like it lasted ages, those moments are so brief compared to the amount of time he gives us a pleasure just to watch him enjoying and travelling fantastically.

More details to come.....