Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am so tired. My eyes are almost shut. I should really really go to bed, but I should really really really need to update this blog tonight. Lately so much had happened that I have so much to share on this blog, but each night I had opened my laptop and fallen asleep. I think I am still rewiring myself from the holiday we had. Anyway, the most important event was that Jakob turned two a week ago! We just got back from a special holiday, and I thought it had been special each day (so special that his 7 o'clock bedtime was out the window!)while we were traveling, a quiet and relaxing day will make his birthday even more enjoyable. Well, my husband and I tried, but we couldn't help it. I think the day was full of fun. Jakob began his day with riding his long missed bike, and we went to Floriade. When we came back, his special cake prepared by his uncle was waiting. I baked 48 mini cupcakes for him to share with his friends at his childcare centre too. I haven't got the photos from the childcare due to privacy law apparently. (can't believe I can't have the pictures of my son's birthday party!)

Okay, now Jakob is well over two now (by a week), and let's see how another year of adventure goes.