Thursday, March 8, 2012

now the rain's gone, but looks like summer's gone too.

Here in Australia, it rained and rained everyday over a week. I had never seen something like that before in Australia. The rain finally went away, but it looks like the rain took the last bit of our summer with it. Suddenly the morning breeze feels like the icy cold one you get in winter. I don't like this. It is perfectly normal part of this mother nature. We had the summer, and now it is the time to welcome Winter! NO! I am not ready for that at all. This place had never heated up enough to feel the real Aussie summer. Sadly, there is nothing I can do about it. Even Jakob's immune system started to show that I'd better get myself ready for another winter. He had not been well over last three weeks, and still got some last bit of nasty cough. The poor fella had been staying at home and did not get to do much outdoor activities. Although he did not miss out on much since it rained and rained. When we went to the shopping centres, we could already find stores selling easter egg and bunny chocolates. It is such a surprise to see them already when it seems like not very long ago, Jakob's auntie from Swiss came during the easter holiday last year. Another way to realise how fast time flies , I guess. Anyway, we are now definitely heading into the winter time. Give Jakob your warm wishes to get through his third winter healthily!

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