Saturday, March 17, 2012

toilet training in progress

Although I have been thinking and talking about the toilet training since Jakob was about 18 months old, I didn't actually start it properly not until recently. Perhaps from late January or so, I would say. Ever since then, it is all over the places. Some days no accidents. Other days so terrible. Today he's done wonderful job. No accidents and he even made a car trip to ToysRus and Woolies safely. But who knows how tomorrow will be like. His dad told me not to take a picture of him on the potty or the toilet, but I ignored it. I have a pretty good reason, I think. I reckon there is no other age that one can look cute and adorable when sitting down on the toilet. Don't you think so too? Anyway I swear I  won't continue to take a picture of his "private" scene. I will be more than happy to leave it that way as much as he wants.  ;)

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