Thursday, April 26, 2012

his lunch box today

I had no idea what to pack for Jakob's lunchbox when I first found out that his childcare service did not include lunch. I almost felt like I was punished for complaining too much about the childcare food quality. Then I realised the staff there microwaves the food for the toddlers, and it made the "duty" a lot easier. So far there are two downsides with this "pack your own lunch" idea at the childcare. The first one is that the kid doesn't get to experience different types of food. For example, I saw some childcare centre menu providing a "couscous with lamb and vegetables". Well, I guess I can make that for Jakob at home too, but that is not something I would attempt to cook normally. This downside can get easily justified as there are not many childcare centres provides "couscous with lamb and vegetables" or something else that I would like Jakob to try every now and then. Another downside is something I experienced recently. Few weeks ago, I was very sick that the last thing I wanted to do was pack his lunch. It would have been quite helpful then if the centre provided the lunch for him. (Or was it a lesson to teach me that I can't afford to be sick since I became a mum.) Other than that, I am quite happy now. After several months of experience, it is my second nature now to pack his lunch. :) Almost....

Today I packed....
1) Rice with roasted seaweed
2) Pan-fried Cod 
3) Steamed vegetables 
4) "Home-made"(I-made!) banana cake 
5) Natural Yoghurt with Chia seed and honey 
6) Strawberries 
7) Cheese sticks 

and he finished them all. 

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