Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i like my babychino and the autumn leaves.

okay. he has another ear infection now. how many more to go? i don't know. this little man is having a rough time fighting with cold viruses. he hadn't been eating much at all past 6 days or so. fortunately his appetite seems to be back from this afternoon. after the doctor's appointment, i got him a chicken pie and a babychino. he loved every bit of it. actually it did look "TOO"good, especially the amount of chocolates! i would be really really really worried if he didn't eat that either. :( after he finished his pie and the babychino, he said, "i want some cake too." looking at other patrons buying them. oh well, we grabbed one on the way out. well he hadn't been properly out for days, and i am glad to see him enjoying and being a pleasant date. those leaves on the table are collected by jakob. he is quite fond of collecting them at the moment. we have several of them already at home. oh actually it is good to see him enjoying some part of this late autumn or winter season. it is not just about catching one cold virus to the another. yes to more leaves (maybe) no to more cold viruses.