Tuesday, June 12, 2012

baking with a two years old...

I found this interesting recipe somewhere and told myself I must try it. I bought all the ingredients awhile ago, but it took me more than a week to make a use of them. Jakob came down with ANOTHER kind of cold, and we were running out of things to do at home. So I decided to become a bit ambitious (while for some people it doesn't require them to be like I am) and suggested to Jakob, "How about we make some pumpkin scones, son?" By no surprise, my curious and active two years old son responded me with a super positive answer to this question. "Yes, we make some cake, mum!"

It was not the first time we baked something, and I knew clearly what I signed up for. When you read any parenting books or magazines, it is not difficult to find a list of things to do with your kid at home. One of them is always "baking with your kid". It is definitely a great idea, but the real scene at home is not as beautiful as what you have seen or imagined of. I tell the toddler to mix the dry ingredients, he will surely mix well. But does he/she stop when you say that is enough? Well, it varies between the kids. Mine didn't. Does he/she let you "help" him/her? Mine believed that everything was under control, and he refused to have any help from me.

Nevertheless, we still managed to have about twenty pumpkin scones at the end today. Very delicious ones. It made this morning somewhat special or different than other mornings. I think it is a great activity with your kid, as long as you don't forget that the person you are working with is only two or less.

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