Saturday, June 23, 2012

a friend's birthday party

Yesterday, Jakob went to his friend's birthday party. He was so excited to receive his invitation, get ready to go to the party, and organise the present.  As soon as we went there, there were many fun activities that the lucky birthday girl's parents prepared. I thought I didn't have to worry about his birthday party for a while, but I am figuring out I was quite wrong. The other day I clearly observed that he was waiting for his turn. He was telling me whom he was going to invite. Gosh, time goes quickly. I still think it is not necessary. I have nothing against celebration, but I think organising a party for kids can be tricky in some ways. Are you having a party for yourself or the kids? Is it perfectly normal to accept presents from your guests? Also is it alright to attend the party without a present when the host says not to? then how much do you think it is appropriate to spend for a 3 years old? Aren't you buying a present for on behalf of your kid? After all, you do what you want. I still find it a bit tricky because whatever I decide, there is a possibility that i can somehow jeopardise Jakob's friendship or mine over a kid's birthday party. How absurd is that?  

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