Saturday, August 25, 2012

playschool concert

The Playschool was in our neighbourhood recently. The venue was packed out, and my little man and I manged to sit in the front row! Personally this concert gave me a pleasant surprise as I was very excited to see Jay in person ;)

school photo day

I am quite impressed with the photographer's work!

Getting Dressed After His Shower

He is now almost 35 months old now. He is so much more fun to interact with. I don't know where this little guy gets his energy from. Everyday he is non-stop, constantly moving, talking, crying, throwing, drawing, etc...etc until he goes to sleep around 7-830 in the evening. Everything will start all over again next day around 630 in the morning. It is such a pleasure to have a fun and active boy at this cold time of the year. But look at the photos below here! Just to get him dressed after his shower at night, it takes forever. He tried to put his singlet on, but starting from "Mom, look at me! I am a humty dumty." to doing yoga moves, arggh! It was so fun to watch him doing all of them, but I would have enjoyed it more if he got dressed first as it is pretty chilly at night times! (Although I have to admit that it was quite lucky that I grabbed my camera out before he turned himself into a Humty Dumty.) I'd better call it a day now as this little fun person will be up and running all charged up tomorrow morning.



War Memorial Visit