Monday, May 6, 2013

frangipani everywhere

I think the first time I saw frangipani was when I went to Saipan with my family long time ago. In Perth, it seems to be flowering just about every second corner. I had never seen them in Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney. Initially, it felt a little strange to see them here in Australia for reason. I guess my perception of frangipani has strong association with tropical island perhaps? Well I haven't don't any research whether they are actually native here in Australia, but they seem to be growing quite well over here. At this time of the year, I can see some trees full of its blossom as well as those ones had shaken off their flowers to decorate the green grass beautifully. While Jakob does everything what other boys at his age will do, as wild as anything, he also gets overly amused with the beautiful flowers he finds on the street. He always collects and brings them all the way to our house. By now, I am guessing you probably figured out which type of flowers he picked this time around. Yes, frangipani. He adores them. Whenever he finds the flowers fallen on the ground, he picks them carefully and passes me a handful of them. Very sweet. Then he will spot a perfect size stick around, and will start running and screaming with it. Oh boy.

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