Friday, May 3, 2013

how do you check his hearing?

Not sure whether I ever mentioned about his condition with his ear before. Jakob has a condition called Glue Ear. We discovered it last year, and it explained why almost 9 out 10 occasions he had cold he suffered severe middle ear infection. Apparently lots of kids born with this condition, and they all grow out of it. The most concerning issue is, however, more to do with damages it can cause. So when the ENT specialist diagnosed him, there were two questions he asked. 1. How is his hearing? 2. How is his speech development? When we told them none of those were our concerns with this little man, he decided that we will just monitor on his hearing. While we were anticipating (not really) for the winter to come so that we can examine how Jakob goes this time around, we happened to move to the west coast. Thanks to the lovely warmer weather, he hadn't experienced any ear infection yet. I clearly remember that he had at least three courses of antibiotics by Easter last year. Isn't this great? It could be the warmer weather, he has grew out of it already, or I shouldn't speak so soon on anything. Anyway, it is great that it is May already and so far it is going well.

Regardless of his condition, we met a new doctor over here this week. Thanks to the previous specialist, it looks like he forwarded him to one of the best in Perth. We are quite happy with his result and hopefully we don't have to see him again. I was quite interested in how they would do the hearing test for children previously. They had developed this clever way to examine the little kids, which was quite impressive. When Jakob could hear the beeps at different frequencies, he was allowed to put the wooden rings to the stick. He did pretty well, and got kinda bored that he was dozing off half way through. I have done those tests before, so I can feel his pain. :)

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